You’ve found my website and you’re wondering what the heck I do!  Well, I’m a photographer and based in Ayrshire, Scotland.

I’m a Derby photography graduate of the late 80’s and have exhibited and published widely during this time. I currently combine work in the arts and cultural sector alongside my photography interests and have chosen to work this way for many years.

The main outlet for my photography work is through books and a selection of work from the last few years can be seen on the site. I set up a small publishing house called AGLU in 2012 and have published 22 books during this period. It also acted as a vehicle for my own books amongst other image makers work that I found of interest. My books and pictures appear in many collections with those from Aglu having been particularly popular over the past few years.

My photography work can’t easily be pigeon-holed but I certainly like being outside searching for images and exploring new places. It’s all about looking, revealing and being excited by the visual world. I take inspiration and influence from many places across the arts and my work is a reflection of this. It really is all about the pictures and the books however.

I was going to give a list of exhibitions/ commission achievements and stuff, but I thought this would get a bit boring, so if you want any details give me a shout and I can give you a full CV of my photography and cultural exploits over the years.

Check out my books/pictures and I hope you like them. If you want any further details on anything to do with my work, just drop me a note at All the books and pictures can be bought direct from the site.